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Pump Pak Club

Pump Pak Club

Join the club and receive a new fun insulin pump case each month at a special club price plus shipping. That's about 40% off the price of the retail case. And there's more!l

Club benefits: 1 boy or girl pump pak per month at special club price 

                        Monthly Surprises :  Each month along with your case is a surprise for your special someone

                        Exclusive Tips:         Tips sent out in our exclusive Pump Pak Club Newsletter

                        Plan Swaps :            Allowed to Switch to Zipp cases, Jean Jams and Pump Bands at exclusive pricing

                        Discounts:               Exclusive discounts given to premier pump pak members

                        & More:                   As part of the club we are always adding exclusive additions just for you!

Note that an automatic charge of $19.99 plus shipping will be applied to your account each month with the release of that months pump pak.

You may discontinue at any time with an e-mail being sent to us prior to the release of a case. Cases purchased through the club price are nonreturnable. Purchase of this membership authorizes monthly club charge.

Note: If membership is canceled before 3 months, than original pak price will be charged for the initial pak. There fore an adjustment will be made to your account to reflect full price

Give the gift that keeps on giving, by having your special someone receiving a pump pak every month, they will be surprised and love the idea of getting a special surprise every month!