Mini Draw Bags

Mini Draw Bags

Mini Draw Bags, are approx 8 inches by 7inches, made of a soft spandex.  This bag has a built in clear view pocket that allows you to slide your dexcom, cell phone or other devices into the pocket so that you can see through the clear plastic.  The bag can easily hold your dexcom, sensor, or cell phone, along with a meter, test strips, poker and a fast acting sugar.

This bag closes by pulling the draw strings.  You wear this bag on your back and is great for wearing under or over clothing.  

This bag is not intended for children under the age of 5.

Teens especially love these new bags, great for meters and more.  This bag can easily be put into your purse or back pack.

I have been using this bag for running and find it to be great for carrying my iphone and snack for marathon running.  Great bag for many things.  Especially designed so you can have a clear view of your device, yet have comfort while wearing.

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