Kangaroo Fun (With or Without Pocket)

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Our latest in active wear for girls is a selection of fun t-shirts. What's unique about these t-shirts is that you can choose where you would like a pocket or you can order it without a pocket! This new addition to our line also has a matching pump pak so be sure to take a look at the matching pump pack. Kangaroo pump pockets can be added to this shirt making this shirt the way you want it. This t-shirt can be ordered with or without a pocket. You also get to choose where you want the pocket to go! On the toddler undershirts, pockets are located on the back, away from little hands. T-shirts with pockets on the front are intended for older girls. The Velcro seal makes it easy for parents to get to the pump. A hidden slit located under the shirt allows for all tubing to be hidden.
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