Padded Thin Band Dual Button Hole Waist Insulin Pump Bands

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Our brand new "Padded insulin pump bands have a padded pocket to cushion the pumpthat has many new features.  It's 3 inches wide, holds your insulin pump, dexcom or pdm horizontally.  This new insulin pump band has button holes located in the back of the pocket to allow for free flowing insulin.  Pockets have a lay over flap that closes over the pump keeping it secure no more velcro.  Added bonus not only do you have 2 pockets with button hole see your pump and sensor there is at least one additional pocket in the back for additional items.  New improved ways to wear your insulin pump for sports everyday living, teenagers can easily hide their pumps.Pump Bands are the answer to no more slip sliding away. The waist band keeps the pump comfortable during sports and activities. Great for sleep, biking, running and sports

Padded insulin pump bands are perfect for those involved in sports, they allow an extra layer of protection.

Disclaimer:  Pump Wear Inc.  Is not responsible for any issues with pumps while being used in our bands.  It is user responsibility to make sure that insulin is free flowing.  Pump bands are designed to hold pumps and our new padded band is designed to give that extra layer of protection, however ultimate care of the pump is the user responsiblity.

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