Foot Ball Helmuts Peelz


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Peels are a coated vinyl adhesive designed to fit over the OmniPod®. They are reusable, water resistant, and easy to apply! 1. Begin with an unused OmniPod® 2. Place the rounded top flap down first so that it is flush with the window. 3. Flatten the top of the peel from the front to back on the top of the OmniPod®. 4. Smooth the top left and right flap of the peel around the window area and fold excess material under the OmniPod®. 5. Flatten the right side of the peel and fold the excess material under the OmniPod®. 6. Fold the back left and right flaps in and onto the back of the OmniPod®. 7. Fold the final larger flap over the two small back flaps and fold excess material under the OmniPod®. Smooth any visible wrinkles


Gen 2 OmniPod© Peelz for the OmniPod Insulin Pump Management System

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