Water Proof Aloksak Bags

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While the bag is the best dry bag of its kind in the world, it also offers air tight protection for metals, food storage and electronic equipment above sea level. 2 bags size 12" x 44" (30.48 x 111.76 cm) The bags make great ice packs and also protect food while in a cooler from the water that comes from the melting ice in standard bags. And they can be blown up to make a nice pillow or seat cushion. Opened food will not go stale as it is not exposed to humidity. Used by: The Boy Scouts of America, Army Air Force Exchange Services, FEMA and the FBI Hazmet department. ALOKSAK keeps items dry under water to depths below 200 feet/60 meters for periods of years. Soft-sided - Safe, shatterproof, quiet, holds oddly shaped objects. Easy to use - Simple as using a typical zip-closure type bag, but the liquid tight protection of a hard case box . Other soft-sided systems require several steps to close and are not guaranteed to be air or liquid-tight. Durable - The 6 mil. film of the ALOKSAK is on par with PVC of the same thickness in terms of durability, but has a lower cold-crack tolerance (minus 40 F.) than that of PVC / Vinyl (0 degrees F.). What goes in an ALOKSAK - Anything that needs protection from the elements, for example: Wallets, Medications, Passports, Remote Keyless entry devices, Documents, Silver, Cell phones, Maps, Palm-Pilots, Books, Film, Food, Batteries, GPS, Jewelry, Clothing, items, Cash, Tapes, CDs. Find out about some of the more extreme uses for the ALOKSAK. We are not liable if testing and examination disclose that an alleged defect or malfunction does not exist or was caused by misuse, accident or neglect, or failure to follow the instructions. Neither we nor our resellers can be held responsible for loss or damage to items stored in the case, caused by misuse, accident or neglect, or of failure to follow the instructions. Any returns of this product need to be made directly to the manufacturer. Non returnable to Pump Wear Inc.
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