Ty A. Mullet Rodeo Riding & Type 1 Diabetes

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Ty A Mullet   Competing at : Ohio High School Rodeo Association National Finals Rodeo 2017

How old were you when you were diagnoised with Type 1 Diabetes?

I was 11 years old when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was kinda of a big surprise when they told me I had Type 1. It changed a lot of things in my life and my view on foods

How did you get involved with the Rodeo?

I got into rodeo when I was about 4 years old. My dad was rodeoing before I was born and was the main reason why I love rodeo so much. Rodeo is more of a love than a hobby for me and I try and practice everyday if I can so I can get better at roping.

How do you deal with your diabetes before a ride?

Before I ride and start practice I test my sugar to make sure I have a good number. My blood sugar starts to get weird when I ride all day or for long periods of time. When I go to rodeos I get really excited and get a lot of adrenaline but after a while my sugar can crash because of how my adrenaline affects my blood sugars.

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What is the biggest challenge of competing with Diabetes?

The biggest challenge with having diabetes is checking my sugar as many times as I need to. My schedule is so busy that it's hard to keep up with diabetes. Since I live on a farm, take care of my horses every day, and rodeo all year long I barley get time to myself much. During the summer almost every weekend I'm gone at a rodeo and it always been hard to keep up with diabetes but I always do what I have to do to keep myself healthy

What are your plans after graduation ?

After I graduate high school I want to go to college for animal sciences but mostly directed to the Equine part of it. I really want to be stay in the same field of education as I am at home. My grandfather and father have always helped me learn more about horses than I thought I would ever learn in a book. Since we live in Amish country I have access to know all kinds of Amish remedies to help my horses stay healthy. I just want to be able to put back the help to others my family has given me over the years. I also want to thank my whole family for being there for my and supporting me for every thing I've wanted to do and the opportunities they gave me. They have always encouraged me and always told me the diabetes won't stop me from doing anything.

Ty's next competition is Dec 3 & 4th. Ty will be competing in Team Roping with Coltin Cox, Calf Roping & Competition Long Rifle & Trap Shooting. These are his main events. He is the Student Director for Girls Goat Tying Competition & is a member of Team Cinch. This will be @ Henderson's Arena in Jackson,Ohio.