Thank you so much for the "I wish" bag - I love it!  You brought tears to my eyes when I opened it.  You are all such special people and have made diabetes so much easier to manage over the last 6 years when Ashley became a Type 1 diabetic at 2 1/2.  God Bless You!Happy New Year!



Thank you to all our wonderful friends who took the time to let us know what our products mean to them!
I just thought that you might want to be aware that your products are not just used by diabetics.


In April of this year, I was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer.  This is a very rare cancer that is seen in less than 3% of all cancers diagnosed.
Many of us "Noids" are on a medication called Octreotide Acetate.  Octreotide is not a cure, what it does is help to control the symptoms that we experience with Carcinoid Cancer.  Trust me...you don't want to know the symptoms.  Let me just share that Octreotide helps most of us live our lives as close to "normal" as possible.
This medication is placed into our bodies in (3) different ways:  Long Acting Release formula (injected every 20-30 days), SubQ shots (4-8 times p/day) or....for those of us fortunate enough....via a Pump.
Like insulin with many diabetics - this is a 24/7 medication for the rest of our lives.
We do not use a meter, only the pump.  However...finding "where and what to do" with that pump is something new that most of us find difficult.
Fortunately, after doing an internet search, I came across your site.  While on your site, I noticed the armbands.  Now...here was a new place to stick that inset and after checking with my oncologist, I thought, "What the heck!  Great place for my inset - I can exercise, wear tight jeans, keep it off my tender stomach when necessary and have more flexibility than I've previously had!"
I'm loving the arm bands.  One question though....
Thanks for a great product.  You have reached not only diabetics, but a cancer patient.
Many, many thanks.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania


I recently purchased a few of your products.  I'm 56 years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 2 1/2 years ago.  I have a family history of Type 1 so this is auto-immune disease related.  I'm very active, ride a Harley, mountain bike in Yellowstone Park and work out at the gym and am a professional business woman so starting on an insulin pump was challenging for me in that I was in a turmoil on how to wear the darm thing!  My nutritionist turned me on to your website and I love it.  I've learned how to wear my pump that is both creative and attractive and it's been such a relief to know that I can wear all of my cute clothes without sacrificing my style.  I love the pocket t-shirt although I wish it was a little bit more fitted so that the pump felt snugger and the belt/scarve is a great idea.  Keep up the good work and keep on developing products for those of us who are active and want to keep on looking "hip" at the same time!

- Michelle Thane. 0609


Just a quick note to advise that I received my pump thigh band a couple of days ago and am completely thrilled with it.  Completely unnoticeable under my skirts and very comfortable to wear.  Thanks again.

-Jackie 0608


Hi! My daughter has been using her pump packs from your company since 2006. Last summer we moved to England and have not been able to find any similar packs - thank Goodness your pump packs held up so well that we didn't need more. But, a girl loves to accessorize... so we are ordering some new packs to coincide with our visit to family in the States next month. We have had many people here in the UK ask where they can get a pump pack like Ellie's. Thank you so much for the excellent products and service!

- Beth 0608


I have ordered a number of products from your site and always get great delivery, plus I love the products.  I am an adult pumper, but like to have options to dress my pump up or to hide it with certain outfits.  You have options to do it all..  Also great products like Frio are required to survive the summer and keep insulin active. thanks

-Maria 10/07


Thanks so much for both of the shirts! This really gives me a much better idea of what sizes to order for everyone. I am slow in letting you know that they arrived just fine on Sat. I wore the youth shirt for our Easter Dinner with a purple "sweat suit" since it fit like a regular knit shirt. I put the other one I on Sat. as it arrived and wore it the rest of the day. It fits great, and of course, I love the job you all have done on transferring the art work to the shirts.

I must also tell you that these tees retain their colors so well since holding the new ones up before and again after I washed them, to the originals that have been washed many, many times, the colors are still the same. Again, I am one happy, satisfied customer. Thanks!

Jerry 0308


I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service - our order arrived today, less than one week after we ordered and with the Easter break in between, that's pretty amazing considering we're on the other side of the world!

Thank you so much - you will definitely be hearing from us again.Regards

-Carol 09/07


Hi. I recently received the camisole/tap pant and ladies tank top I >ordered from you and had to email and tell you how much I love them >both! I haven't had the tank off for over a day (guess I better order >more of those!) and the short/camisole piece is just what I needed to >wear under skirts and dresses. I had been using thigh high pantyhose, >but, have had some unfortunate incidents with them falling down and >there is just no graceful way to handle that :)>Thank you so much for selling your products - they make such a >difference for those of us on an insulin pump!>



Hi! I just received my arm sport pak and hemp bracelet in the mail today(very fast shipping, thanks!), and was so pleased I had to e-mail you and thank you for the wonderful products. I am 50 years old, have had diabetes for 20 years, and was finally able to get an insulin pump 3 years ago. It changed my life from bondage and feeling so left out of life to being able to be like everyone else again( Ijust wear my pancreas on my outside instead of inside my body).I have bought many of your cool paks over the years and they do make pumping fun! You are so smart to start your kids on the pump now- I couldn't get one until 3 years ago and was very uncontrolled on shots so now I have every diabetic complication I knew about plus a couple I didn't- but your products lift my spirits and give me hope. Thank you so much

Diana 08/07


Hi My daughter Kate has several of your amazing pump paks!! We love, love, love them!!!! We also want to try the waist bands what and awesome idea!!! She really wants a flesh colored waist band, is that available yet?? If not I hope soon!!!! Thanks for  your wonderful products!!!! I would love to get some brochures to give to her endocrinologists office, they always comment on her pak when she comes in for her visits !!!

Thank you,Sherry and Kate


Just wanted to sincerely thank you for your speediness!  My daughter has only been pumping since this Monday.  By Wednesday, she had rubbed up against something and had a huge, deep scratch on the screen of her brand new pump.  Animas was good enough to replace the pump if I promised to get the thing in a pack.  I put an order in with you at 3 pm that day and had our pack by 9:30 the next morning!  It beat the new pump here!  Thank you again.  She loves it and we will be back again soon!



Your site has been a great help to us. My 6 your old niece is now on a pump and it is still not very common in Ireland - being able to let her choose pump paks has been great as it has become a fashion accessory for her which has been a great help in her accepting the pump

I have had diabetes since I was 7 years old and I have been a pumper since 1996. Your products are awesome - I wish you had been around when I was a kid!


Last week I ordered two pump cases for my granddaughter who is getting her pump tomorrow.  Your address was given to me by the diabetes nurse at Tel HaShomer Hospital, Israel.  I was amazed to receive the package yesterday - 4 days after placing my order.  This is incredible as we live in Israel and I would expect waiting a longer time.
Thank you so much for the fabulous idea of the pump case and the speedy service - I hope this is going to make getting use to the pump easier for my granddaughter.


Another Mom of a diabetic child had given the website to our diabetic educator, who passed it on to us when asked. There are other kids in our school who wear them, and we first saw them on other kids. Our daughter doesn't like to wear jeans, and so does not have pockets in many of her pant. The double zip pouch allows her to wear her pump and also carry carbs for lows, which is something we struggled with before. We have been extremely happy with the products.

I have an OLD pair of the heart boxers that I bought years ago, when you first started in business. I need a new pair! I was very pleased to see all the new offerings that you have. We have come a long way.

Thank you.



I have ordered a number of products from your site and always get great delivery, plus I love the products.  I am an adult pumper, but like to have options to dress my pump up or to hide it with certain outfits.  You have options to do it all..  Also great products like Frio are required to survive the summer and keep insulin active. thanks

Maria 5/07


I was looking at the web site to see what new cool products you have added.  As I was browsing through the site, I realized how important pump wear is to me and my 11 year old daughter who deals with diabetes everyday.  Your products have made life easier and fun.  Who would ever think that diabetes would be considered fun???? J  Your products make managing diabetes easier.  I just wanted to take time out to say, “THANK YOUâ€Â.   I consider pump wear a part of our diabetic team.

May God continue to bless you in all that you do!

Sincerely,  Terrie  (mom)Erica  (daughter) 04/07


Hi there

I just wanted to send through a brief note to say a HUGE THANKYOU for the accessories that you have created for our kids, I was just delighted to find such wonderful ideas….  Our products arrived quickly and our 5yr old son was just so happy with his pump paks.  I have been back onto your site today and placed another order so again thankyou and keep up the good work.

Kylie Australia, 04/07


Hi. I recently received the camisole/tap pant and ladies tank top I ordered from you and had to email and tell you how much I love them both! I haven't had the tank off for over a day (guess I better order more of those!) and the short/camisole piece is just what I needed to wear under skirts and dresses. I had been using thigh high pantyhose, but, have had some unfortunate incidents with them falling down and there is just no graceful way to handle that :)

Thank you so much for selling your products - they make such a difference for those of us on an insulin pump!

Paula  04/07


I can not start to tell you how WONDERFUL this Pump Pak is! I opened it up about 10 minutes ago and tried it all on...and I LOVE it! The Softy Belts are magnificent...and exactly what I desperatly needed...and the case itself, it's just perfect!

I am taking my brochure that came with this order and leaving it with my endo today...I need to get another brochure for my pump educator and a friend of mine who is going to start her daughter on the pump in the next month. I wish like crazy you were connected with the actual pump companies...these are truly items that every pumper should have.

It's very rare that you look for something and find it...and once it's delivered it is everything you had hoped for and needed...but in this case I got it ALL! I appreciate the thought that has been put into these paks, you have outdone yourself.




I just wanted to say that I love your pump packs...my 5 year old son currently has the "alien" pack. I do have a suggestion though, I am having a hard time finding a pump pack that is very soft that he can wear at night. I have one I purchased from MiniMed but the velcro is no where near the quality of yours and now won't even stay shut after just over a month of non-stop use. The band on this one was made of soft stretchy elastic like fabric and was super comfortable for him to wear under clothes. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!!




We love those carb labels and they have been EXTREMELY useful for my six-year-old daughter's morning snacks and lunches at school.

We also love your pump paks. My daughter has received many compliments on them.

Thanks so very much for your service! What would we do without you?

Shoko  (and daughter, Hana)


Thank you so much for working on this!  It looks really great online!  We are ordering one today.  I woke Ian up this morning and said, "I have a surprise for you!"  He was so excited.  He chose the color he wants and he went running out of the room to tell his older brother Conor and his Grandmother what they now have!  We will let you know what he thinks when we get the bag.  Thank you so much for working on this.  It makes such a difference for us and eases my mind that he likes it and will keep it with him.  It has been a great item for a 5-7 year old to keep up with his supplies and have them with him even when he is running around.



My granddaughter, MacKenzie, just went on the pump and I have been ordering your products and we are in love with them. I may have written before, but I want to thank you for your considerations when one of the products was not working for my granddaughter and your company immediately took care of the situation. We are all pleased and obviously, as you can see from my latest order, will be ordering more in the future.

Thank you. A grateful Grandmother

Have a great day - Dolly


Dear Pump Wear Inc...

We received our pump pak in the mail today, and my 5yo daughter is thrilled! She just started pumping a little over a week ago, and we were not having good luck with the clip that came with her pump. Finally, a way to keep the pump safely attached to her AND clean and dry.

We plan to order another one from you, so I wanted to make sure I had all the info correct. Thanks so much!

Lori ,Peoria, IL


Hi Julie & Dawn,

I received the order yesterday and my son wore his alien tank to bed last night. He said it was "Sweet!" which translates to "very cool!"  We are very pleased with your products and I will forward along a photo of my little guy wearing his new gear.

Best Wishes----Kristin

Hhello my name is chrystal  and i recently order a pump pack for my 4yr old daughter calista. calista was diagnosed a year ago may 15 2003 and is 5 days into pumping. i want to thank you for your creativness and tell you how much she loves her pump pack. so thank you very much and keep up the good work. we appreciate it.



Thanks so much for our pump pack -- from "Oh Mom those things are so geeky" (she saw a girl wearing one at a summer camp) to "Hey it's pretty cool" (she hasn't been without it since!!). So maybe we'll order another one in another color in the near future. Thanks again and nice talking to you



Julie and Dawn,

Thank you. I just called my daughter and she is thrilled! Just to let you know that I ordered three of your small diabetes awarness pins and everyone loved them. They got a lot of compliments on them. So much, that I ordered one more yesterday along with another pump pak for my daughter.

Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!



I wanted to say thank you to you both. I phoned early this week to check on the shipment of my order. Not only did I receive a personal phone call back, you sent my items priority mail!!!

We started the pump this morning, and I already need a drink!!! Adam looks great with his pump pack on and we will try the shirt tonight. We will be just fine... we have no other choice!

I so appreciate the personal touch to your business. You have been and are in my shoes, and it shows! You help take a little of the weight of this disease off of parents' shoulders and we are grateful.

I hope you have people in your lives that do the same for you...

Suzi ,Portland, OR


Julie and Dawn,

Thanks very much for listening to me.  Some would just file my suggestions and do what they want.  I’ll be placing an order shortly for 4 more T-Shirts, and hope that you can make the change for me.  Much appreciated.  I know how to sew (a little) and will try and rip out the other Velcro strip for my convenience.

As I mentioned before, I am so pleased that you have put out a line of clothes for pump wearers.  I have been asking Mini-Med to push for this for the last few years. It’s tough to find men’s T-shirts with breast pockets.  When I do find them and use them to hold my pump, the weight of the pump stretches the shirt to make the shirt look old and out of shape.  Believe me, at 59 years old, I’m really not all that concerned with my outward  appearance.  I do like to dress nice and the regular T-Shirts will look all stretched out when I use the pocket to hold the pump.

If I can help promote, let me know.  I have no problem in sending a positive letter of support.

Thanks again,



We love the pumpwear items we've purchased from you:) and now we need more!
My son wears the Medtronic Minimed pump.  He would like me to order anything with camo or the airplane one that I found.  I also like the camo neoprene--but I don't know how our pump would fit.
Could you make some suggestions as to which camo and airplane would fit best with his pump? Perhaps they're all universal--that would make this easy!!!
Thank you for your time--what a wonderful service you offer!



Hi,  Jack has just turned 6 and been pumping for 7 weeks.   Yesterday we recieved 2 pump packs and a singlet which are great and have made a big difference already - especially at school. We have given the leaflet to a older girl at Jack's school (we live in a small town with a population of 2,500) who is due to go on a pump in September.

Great products thankyou - Jessica  (jack's mum)

Bridgetown Western Australia.


I ordered a pump pack for my 12 year old daughter and we received it last week.  She has only been on the pump a month and we were fustrated with how to wear it.  She was struggling with it when she would go to the bathroom and when she was trying on clothes and it would flop around when she was running and she would try to hold it in place with her hand.  This pump pack is WONDERFUL!  We absolutely love it!  She feels so free.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.



Julie and Dawn,

I just recieved my recent order. Thank you so much. I just wanted to take an opportunity to tell you both how pleased we are with your product. My little daughter (she's six) has really enjoyed her "wardrobe of paks."  I also enjoyed reading the story of "Nicki Tyler." And, I can really relate. We went through a year of hell (severely unstable numbers and totally unable to regulate those numbers no matter what we tried) when our daughter was diagnosed. We were ready to pack up and head for Mayo Clinic until her doctor put her on the pump. It totally changed our lives (her A1 C  test immediatly even came down four points). Your pump paks have made it substantially easier for her to have to live with having to have something attatched to her.

I tell everybody I know about your product. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you should ever come to Michigan and do one of your shows (particularly if you ever do one in the Lansing or Detroit areas). We would love to help spread the word at the doctors office and of course we would love to come!

Thanks again!,



Dear Dawn and Julie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful box of surprises we received after Jon Tucker was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  It made us all feel so special.  I wear the rhinestone pin daily, and our car magnets help spread the word!  The custom designed soccer bracelet is so cool, and Taylor has added the Cure Diabetes wrist bands to her collection.  Trenton's favorite is the purple curly bracelet that says, "Someone I love has Diabetes.  Help us find a cure."  Now we all have something special to show our support for Jon Tucker and also to show him how much we love him.  Eventually he will be on the pump, and I'm sure we will be back in touch!  Thank you so much for your concern and for having a "place we can go" with our special needs.

Larry, Rebecca and Jon Tucker


Our daughter Elizabeth was diagnosed four years ago with Type I diabetes. She has worn the insulin pump for two years and is extremely healthy because of it. Thank you for helping to make the pump a little easier to wear. Also my husband and I are greatly involved with J.D.R.F. and we certainly appreciate the awareness that your company brings to Type I diabetes.

Sincerely, Holly


Julie and Dawn,  As I open my soft belt today for my 8 you son, Adam, I thought how the simplest things in life can make such as positive impact.  Only another mother would consider covering a synthetic belt with soft, comfortable cotton.  Thank you both for this type of simple thoughtfulness and creativity.  You really help make our lives easier and "softer", so to speak.  Be proud of the impact your business has on the diabetes community!


Suzi Jones  6/06


Dear Julie & Dawn:

I now have two of your pump paks that are designed for adults.  I am an adult with diabetes that loves my pump but also likes a varity to go with work and casual times.  Your paks are a great addition to my wardrobe.  As an adult it is very hard to find items for the pump except through the pump company and that is very limited.  Your company has made it possible for me to let my personality show through with your paks.

Also during the ordering time we had some problems, the fact that you were available and answered my questions and concerns quickly made it an easier experience.  I look forward to ordering more items from you in the future and seeing what new things you come up with in the adult area soon.

Thanks again,

Donna 6/06


Thank you so very much for all your help. I truly appreciate it. People like you help people like me take another step closer to making a difficult situation become just a bit easier to handle.
Very Truly Yours,
Kelley Carnes 6/06


Hey Julie,
I just received the Splash Pak you recommended.  It got here really quickly!  And it's also exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much for your advice and patience with my questions.  Now, if you could just help get our Chicago weather out of the 50's so we can actually go to the pool, we'll be all set!
But seriously, thank you again for the very valuable service you provide.  I've got your site bookmarked and will definitely be back when I need something more.
Take care,

Anne 6/06


Hi!  I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the black double up spash pak.  My son has a couple of your other pump paks.  We have been trying to figure out how he could carry his cell phone with him at the beach club.  Now he uses the extra pocket to carry his cell phone and some glucose tablets.  I also like that it is zippered and water-resistant.  Thanks for combining all of those features!  You make great products.

Thanks again,

Ellen Marcus  6/06



Just a note to say thanks - I contacted you when my son, Paul from Glasgow in Scotland, started using an Insulin Pump and you sent me a brochure.  We ordered a couple of items which, I have to say, we received really quickly.  Paul loves the dino pump pak and also the softy pak is great for him to wear at night.  They really are terrific, made of great quality and what a difference the soft belt makes.  There are only 8 chldren using Insulin Pumps out of 412 that attend Glasgow Yorkhill Hospital for Type 1 Diabetes.

My friend is going to the States soon and we were wondering - do you retail to any stores in the US?  She thought if she knew what stores stocked your goods she could buy some items for me and bring them back home.  Can you please let me know.

However, if you do not retail to stores in the US (I know you do not retail to stores in the UK), I am sure we will definitely use your website again.

Its amazing the difference the pump paks make.  Before your paks, Paul only had one way of wearing his pump.

Thanks again for making a wee boy happy. 11/06


Julie and Dawn,

As I open my soft belt today for my 8 you son, Adam, I thought how the simplest things in life can make such as positive impact.  Only another mother would consider covering a synthetic belt with soft, comfortable cotton.  Thank you both for this type of simple thoughtfulness and creativity.  You really help make our lives easier and "softer", so to speak.  Be proud of the impact your business has on the diabetes community!


Suzi 6/06


HI! I just wanted to let you know that I received the pouches today, they are terrific! Thanks, both my daughters love them, the one with Diabetes, and the one without.. thanks for providing such a great product!!
Kim 7/06


Julie & Dawn,
I can't believe how fast your order came!! My 5 yr old started the pump this evening (with saline) and just last week I realized I needed to order her a pack to wear around her waist. I placed my order with your company and told her that she wouldn't have a pack when she started on the pump, but it would come soon.
Imagine my surprise when the two pump packs I ordered arrived a few hours before our pump start! It was great to hook the belt up and start Ellie's pumping experience off on the right foot.
Your products are well made and great for kids. Thanks for the great service - I just placed another order again tonight!
Beth  8/06