Teenager Insulin Pumping Tips

° These teen and adult tips were offered by a variety of experience pumpers:

° Want to add extra protection to your pump case? An easy inexpensive way is to take an expired charge card or other plastic card that has expired and insert it into the inside flap on a Velcro pump pak.  The card fits perfectly and adds a little more protection for your pump.  You may want to use an old library card that's made of plastic if you don't have an expired card.

° With summer months and swimming keeping a site on for 3 days can be tricky. One tip that came in suggest to use Skin Bond made by Smith+Nephew which is like rubber cement for skin. It does make taking old sites off harder, but it does the trick for being able to swim, shower, etc. without them falling out for at least 2 days!

° We have also found that Mastisol a liquid adhesive also works great.  You do need to use a detachol to remove the site.  We got this right from our pump rep.

° The most important tip is to have a sense of humor, you never know when the pump will alarm in the middle of class or an interview and if you wear it in your bra like many girls it sounds like your chest is alarming!!!!!!!!!

° If you often rush to go to the bathroom (mostly girls because they need to take down their pants) be careful about putting your site in your hip because it will come out if you pull your pants down in a hurry and forget its there.

° Always have extra supplies with you (and reaction treatment) because it will come the time when you don't that you wish you did!!!!!!!!!!!

° Don't use an audio bolus in a loud room- you can easily mess up the amount you are giving yourself or suspend the pump by accident and not realize it!!!

° Make sure you tuck in your pump tubing- little children and kitchen cabinet handles like to pull on it.

° Wear a watch with an alarm if you tend to forget to bolus after meals-many adolescents and children get busy and forget, this helps to remind them, especially in school.

° When you take the pump off to exercise or bathe, put it on suspend so it will periodically remind you that it's off (because you can get busy and forget). And, when you take it off (important for kids who are becoming independent from parents) put it in the same spot, a place you will need to pass frequently (near your glasses, on your dresser) so you will remember to put it back on as you are getting dressed.

° Before going to the bathroom, clip the pump onto your pants) don't try to hold it in your mouth) many pumps are not water proof, but you will be surprised how many pumps go swimming in the toilet.

° Don't insert a pump site around where the waist band of your pants are (this is more difficult with girls with the newer low rise pants,) because when you sit down, the waistband will push against the site and cause an occlusion alarm

° When choosing a case for your pump keep in mind the noise, for example a Velcro pump case will make noise when opening and closing so if you are concerned about people hearing you take your pump out choose a zipper case.

° For teen boys who wear lots of loose fitting t-shirts wearing the pump in a belted case under the shirt works great.

° For boys who wear lots of basketball shorts that have no pockets during the summer and have no where to carry their test kits sliding the larger d-tron pump pak on to the belt with the actual pump pak works great. The d-tron pump pak is big enough to hold a monitor, test strips and finger poker.