Sports And Diabetes

Where Do The Very Active Put Their Pump!

Are you athletic and enjoy the freedom of doing all those great adventurous things such as mountain climbing, bicycle riding, skiing, basketball and running?  Are you forever trying to figure out what to do with your insulin pump?  Does your pump constantly get in the way of you feeling free to be you!  Well we have the perfect solution to give you back your freedom.  Embrace your carefree lifestyle and grasp the gold ring to perfect health.

We are constantly asked where do I put my pump and we have come up with many options.  What I have found is that know two people are alike we all have different needs so you can't really take a cookie cutter approach of what is going to be the best item for everyone, that's why we constantly have new and improved items coming out.  We act on what our clients tell us.

The one product that has been literally catching the eye of every active sport addict are called Pump Bands which are made of a soft spandex material a sport band for the waist is not only comfortable but easily accessible and gives you the ability to place the pump anywhere from your stomach to your back.  Each sports band has a built in pocket for your pump, you can step into the waist band or put it over your head, pop your pump into it and than position it on your waist where ever you would like your pump to be.  These have become so popular and comfortable that many band users are opting to wear on a regular basis under there dress shirts, dresses and tops.  Pump Bands are smooth and not bulky.

For those of you that might like to wear your pump on your arm there are also Pump Bands for your arm ankle and thigh.  Pump bands will work with all pumps and are even a great accessory for omni pod users.  The pump bands placed over the pod keep it secure so that while doing a lot of activity the pod is not flapping in the wind.  The pocket in the band can be used to hold the pdm.

The Pump Bands are really my all time favorite, I have a 16 year old son who is very active in Paint Ball and he likes feeling that his pump is secure.  The Pump Bands have taken some major abuse from his falling and being hit by paint balls.  He likes the ability to place the pump in just the right location on his stomach.  Pump Bands give you the flexibility to place your pump where it is most comfortable for you!

At Pump Wear we truly believe in options and we have several other fun functional items that will help the sports enthustic truly enjoy participating in sports.

Our Softy pump paks are a great accessory for those who wish to have a soft belt around their stomach.  These are great for small children you can wear them under their shirt tucked in their pants.  Use with a pump cushion for added support.

A Pump Cushion used inside any of our paks will help cushion the pump from hard activity that you might encounter.  Another great idea is to take an old credit card and place it in front of a case or pump pak the hard plastic adds a little support and protection to the pump screen.

For the really ruff and tuff we have the Ultimate sports paks and Ultimate sports bands the ultimate sports paks are worn around your stomach or arm and have a cushioned wide belt with a web buckle to keep the band secure.  These are available for the waist or the arm and in 2 versions 1 paks or 2 so that the runner can also carry a test kit or drink box.  Use this with a pump cushion for additional support.

Whether you are a true athlete or an athlete at heart, we have the solution for you.