Specialty Diabetes Items

Specialty Items -  All Monogram Paks

Specialty items -  Any item that we adapt to accommodate a special request is considered a specialty item.

Special Request Specialty items - We will gladly accommodate and adapt various items when we can.  If you see an item that you have a special request for please e-mail us and we can let you know if we can met the request.  There is a 15.00 "additional fee" for all special requests.

Personalized Paks - If you have a special material that you would like us to make a pak out of we will be happy to accommodate.  Pak cost is 30.99 plus shipping.

Adaptable Clothing -We are also happy to adapt personalized clothing with pockets for easy access.  On clothing sent for adaptation we will do our best to adapt the items to your specifications; we will match colors and fabrics the best that we can, however we are not responsible for items that may not conform properly to a pocket added.  Cost per pocket added is $15.00 plus shipping. 

There is a $15.00 Charge for all special request items, Specialty items are non-returnable.

Speciality items are "our speciality" and we frequently prepare items for our customers.  Below is a list of items that we may beable to help you with:

  • Pockets added to shirts
  • Pockets placed in a special position
  • Paks made out of "your material"
  • Clothing items adapted with a pocket

Beaded Jewelry:  All beads and parts are subject to availability. We do our very best to duplicate the item you have selected. If the exact bead is not available, we reserve the right to substitute.  Customized orders are non-refundable.