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Uploaded Image: /uploads/Julie Profilel picture.pngLooking For An Inspirational Speaker For Your Next Event?

Then check out creator of "Diabetes Tidbits" & Author of "A.S.K" The Action School Kit.  

Julie DeFruscio, mom of 3 children with type 1 diabetes, is an inspirational speaker who speaks on raising 3 children with diabetes, ages ranging from infant to adult hood.

Julie has found many ways through the years to help parents & teachers be prepared for a child with diabetes in a school setting.  Julie speaks on keeping children safe at school, field trips, sports and more.

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Here's what others had to say:

The Mohawk Valley Diabetes Support Group of New Hartford, New York had the distinct honor and privilege of having Julie DeFruscio as our key speaker. All I can say is "Wow.". From the moment she started speaking she had all 25 of us totally engaged. I think it was a combination of things. Many of us, including me, thought her speech was going to be heart wrenching; especially due to the fact that she had 3 children with Type 1 diabetes.

It was just the opposite. She was inspirational. With every hurdle she had to overcome and the stories that she told, she always ended each one with an uplifting message or told us how she turned it around to be a learning experience. The other thing that really infused our group was the way she voiced about the importance of being your child’s advocate at all times; no matter how old they are or who they up against. Someone who doesn’t fully understand the disease, even if they are in a position of power, can not be your child’s advocate. She conveyed this message with a fiery determination that made everyone in the group understand. This more than anything else, was so important for parents especially newly diagnosed families to hear.

In addition to speaking for the group, Julie also brought an array of her Pump Wear Inc. merchandise to sell after the meeting. I also liked the fact that she did not try and make the talk about selling her items. It was all about helping the families. She gave of her time and I could tell her heart. I would recommend her to any organization who wants to know first hand the effects of having a child (children) with type 1.

Jill Smith
President of the Mohawk Valley Diabetes Support Group, New Hartford, New York

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