Diabetic Insulin Pump Clothing The Original Insulin Pump T-Shirt

The Creation of Our Original Line of Insulin Pump T-shirts

Back in April of 2001 I was a mom of a 3 year old who had just gone on the insulin pump.  Within minutes of her putting on her pump I realized that we had no idea where to put this wonderful device.  Wearing the insulin pump we suddenly discovered was not going to be easy.  Nikki came home with a very medical looking harness that made me cry to look at.  Here was my beautiful little girl with this contraption on her back.  We tried everything to keep it secure and to have easy access, we tried to put it under and over the shirt you could still tell that she was wearing something there.  All of her clothing took on a new bulkiness.  Now none of this bothered Nikki, I think it’s a mom thing, we want our children to feel and look good I knew that I wanted Nikki to be able to wear all of her beautiful little dresses and I really didn’t want attention called to her wearing the pump.    So I asked my girlfriend’s mother-in-law if she could adapt some of Nikki undershirts so I could see if that would make a difference.  When I started putting the new t-shirts on her I was amazed at how easy it was to first get to the pump, 2nd keep it out of the hands of a 3 year old and best of all how beautiful she still looked in all of her clothes.  My distress with where to put the insulin pump was taken away, by merely creating a hidden slit in a pocket so that her pump could enter from underneath, give me easy access yet still have her comfortable.

With the help of this dear friend and her mother in law Betty, the first Pumping t-shirts were created.  Today we offer a full line of both manufactured t-shirts and t-shirts that offer you options of style and placement.  We hope that you and your children will enjoy our line of shirts as much as we have.  Our Heart, Floral and Skateboard t-shirts are the original line of manufactured comfortable t-shirts making there debut in August of 2001.

Pump Wear Offering Quality Custom T- Shirts Since 2001

What Makes Us Stand Out ?

  • Original Products offered on the market since 2001
  • Quality shirts with lined pockets
  • Choice of shirts with prebuilt pockets or added
  • Unique in being able to place pocket where you want it
  • Velcro closures for comfort no hard snaps or buttons
  • Many styles of shirts to choose from, not confined to a cookie cutter approach
  • Many designs available making you fashionable and fun
  • A continuous stream of new creative designs
  • Our shirts give you a comfortable alternative to how to carry your pump.
  • Ability to adapt your own shirts or clothing

T-shirts especially designed and made to hold the insulin pump.