New Insulin Pumpers | Kids Insulin Pumping Tips

New Pumpers Suggestions:

We often get questions on what are the best items for a new pumper to start with so we thought we would include a page dedicated to this very important transition from non pumper to pumper!

As you can imagine what someone will need depends on a lot of factors, age, activity level, acceptance of the pump (do they want the pump to show or not) just to mention a few.  Here you will find various suggestions to get your pumper going, these are only suggestions, you will need to take into consideration your own childs needs.  Or if you are an adult your own preferences.  The suggestions listed are merely ideas on what will get you started in the pumping world.  Monitoring of the pump and its functions should be done at all times and are the responsibility of the caregiver.  These are only a few of the many options that we have to offer so be sure to check out our entire site.

Infant /Toddler on the insulin pump.  For this age group we suggest the baby onesie and the t-shirts with the pockets on the back.  The reason we suggest these two items is because both the onesie and the t-shirts with the pockets on the back will keep the pump up and out of the way, along with allowing the child to be comfortable, parents and caretakers will have easy access and other children will not even know that the child is wearing a pump.  These are also perfect for the potty training toddlers, this helps avoid the pumps in the potty!

To go along with the t-shirts and onesie we suggest having a softy pak with belt for those times when you just can't wear an undershirt.  Softy paks are a soft flannel material, very comfortable and great for sleeping.  Lots of little ones also really like having a design pak, which is a great addition to have as a fun pak.  This age group loves pretty designs and pictured paks.

Pre-Teen/Tweener -  This age group starts to get more fashion aware and wants to be dressed in style, we suggest, Pump Bands for those who wish to hide there insulin pump, and  Pump Paks for the pre-teen and than Hook pump paks for the tweener, all available in an array of designs and prints, along with solids.  Hook paks hook on to belt loops or the top part of pants.

T-shirts with the pockets on the front are also a great item for this age group, this allows them to wear the pump under their clothing.  T-shirts with pockets on the front are also great for under dresses and boys shirts.  Underwear with pockets in them also help conceal the pump and are very comfortable.  Pump Bands are great for concealing the pump and for all kinds of sports.

This group likes the paks with matching test kits.  Pumpers Rule shorts are also a very popular item for this age group, the shorts are great for wearing everyday or sleeping in.  A large selection of shorts are available for girls, boys and adults.

Teenagers  We are finding more and more teenagers are loving the Pump Bands mainly because they are super comfortable and you can't tell that they are wearing the pump.  Many teenagers don't like to call attention to having the pump and will frequently place in just a pocket.  For those that just wish to carry the pump in a pocket check out our insulin pump socks!

Pump Bands, underwear with pockets in them, and the pockets to go (which are pockets you sew into clothing ) are all great items for this age group.  The new No Sew pockets are also great because you actually tape the pocket where you want it. 

Adults   Adults are just having fun!  They love many of the design paks and are willing to try new things.  The Pump Bands are really popular in this group.  T-shirts with the pockets on the front are also very popular with the ladies!

Men- Men  are more apt to like the Pump Waist Bands, slip clip pump paks and men's boxers.

As you can see there are many, many ways to wear the pump, and everyone is different.  It's best to give a couple of items a try and go from there.  Listen to your pumper, and hear what they are saying, if you have a teenager and she's saying she does't want anyone to know she is wearing the pump than shop accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions we are happy to help in any way we can.

Popular items are:  Softy paks and belts, Pump Bands, T-shirts with pockets on the front or back, shorts, designer pump paks.  Be sure to check out our full array of products.  Insulin pump cases and specialty products especially made to accomodate your insulin pump.