Natalie Kolok Parenting Diabetic Kids

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We're Jeff and Natalie Kolok. We live in northwestern Vermont with our three teenage children: Naomi 19; Johanna and Nick each thirteen years old. Both Johanna and Nick have type 1 diabetes and Naomi has Celiac Disease. On April 15, 2005 Johanna was diagnosed with type 1 at age four, In Spring 2007, we felt led to open our home to children or families affected by diabetes, without knowing what was in store for us. We were surprised to learn about a little boy, then six years old, who was taken into state custody only months before, and while in foster care was diagnosed with type 1. For three months prior to our call, the Vermont family services division had been on a statewide search for his permanent home. There were no "takers" because of his diabetes. Nick has been our son since June 2007 and on September 8, 2008 his adoption was completed. Somewhere is between we launched



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