Nadia Al-Samarrie Diabetes Health

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Nadia Al-Samarrie

Diabetes Health publisher and editor-in-chief Nadia Al-Samarrie not only was born into a family that had several members who suffered from diabetes, she later married a type 1 man. Propelled from a young age into a "caretaker" mode, she quickly developed a knowledge of the scarcity of resources, support, and understanding that people with diabetes faced.With that in mind, Al-Samarrie co-founded the magazine in 1991 (then called Diabetes Interview) when she conceived of a consumer-oriented publication that would help people with diabetes in a warm, non-technical manner.So that readers would quickly grasp the service-oriented spirit of the new magazine, Al-Samarrie created its signature motto, "Investigate. Inform. Inspire."She later adapted that personal approach to two other magazines aimed at healthcare professionals, Diabetes Health Professional and Diabetes Health Pharmacist. In 2004 she introduced the consumer website at