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How did Team Novo Nordisk come about?

I met Phil Southerland at a bike race in college.  We both shared a common interest in bicycle racing and also had type 1 diabetes.  The cycling team first originated from a friendship of two young guys helping each other in our journey of living life with diabetes.  Neither of us had any friends with diabetes so we wanted to share our story to encourage others to manage their diabetes and led a healthy, full life. The first major platform we achieved this was with the 2006 Race Across America. The team then evolved into a global all-diabetes sports team of cyclists, triathletes and runners, spearheaded by the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team.


•          When did you start cycling ?  

I started cycling when I was young like all kids.  I chased my brother and his friends around Oak Mountain State Park on our mountain bikes.  It wasn't until I was in college that I began to use the bike as a way to manage my diabetes, which led to racing soon after. 


•          How do you work with your diabetes during competition?

Each race and training session presents its own unique challenges in diabetes management, and everyone is different. I guess the short answer is "know your blood glucose levels." I closely monitor my blood sugar before, during and after the race using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). For me, the CGM is a great tool that helps me navigate exercise and diabetes. For optimal performance, I aim to keep my blood sugar within a target range.


•          Can you tell us how old you were diagnosed with diabetes?

I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old.  I actually had diabetes in the month of November 1992 and didn't know it.  I was diagnosed 12-2-1992.


•          Can you tell us 5 fun facts about you ?

  • I have a wife, two boys, and two dogs.
  • I have raced a bike on five continents! 
  • I love to fly fish. 
  • I enjoy building things. 
  • I'm running my first half marathon next year.


•          What are your upcoming plans for 2017?

I'm running a half marathon in February 2017.  I retired from professional racing at the end of 2014, but I might do a race or two next summer.


Photos by: Kim Daebong