Gina Capone Community Manager for JDRF

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Gina is currently the Community Manager for JDRF, a vibrant social network created for and by people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their loved ones. Gina was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 25 in November 2000. Shortly after her diagnosis she co-founded, a site dedicated to hosting live chats with clinical and research professionals in the field of diabetes, where she moderated weekly discussions, and authored her own personal blog which launched her passion for diabetes advocacy and social media entrepreneurship. She has created and contributed to numerous diabetes websites, blogs and other social community forums for over the last decade. She has served on a patient advisory board for Roche Diagnostics and Medtronic Minimed and was a member of the Diabetes Advocates a not-for-profit program that connects diabetes advocates, helps them work together, and pools their resources to help people with diabetes. One of her biggest advocacy accomplishments has been the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) Anti-Denial Campaign and website, providing members with crucial information for helping those with diabetes obtain coverage for continuous glucose monitors. Gina just had her first baby in November 2012, and wants women with T1D to know that "Yes, You Can Have a Successful Pregnancy with Diabetes! To read a little more about her pregnancy journey follow this link to her interview with JDRF, T1D and Pregnancy: A Firsthand Account. Feel free to contact Gina about any questions you may have about diabetes and pregnancy or general questions, by following her on twitter: @ginacaps1975 or friending her on