What are the sizes of the paks:

Standard Size Pump Pak -  is approx 3 ½ inches wide by 2 ½ inches high

A standard size case will hold all pumps except for the distronic d-tron which is slightly larger.

D-Tron Size Pump Pak - is approx. 4 inches wided by 3 inches high.  This pak is designed to hold the disetronic d-tron pump.


What are the differences in pak types:

Velcro Pak - The front flap opens and closure of the flap is sealed with Velcro.  Tubing can extend from either side of the pak.

Single Zip Pak - Closure of the pak is with a single zipper, tubing extends from one side.

Double Zip Pak - Double zipper paks allow you to open the pak from either direction and also allow for the tubing to extend from either side.

All in one Pak  - The all in on pak is designed to hold the deltec cozmo pump with test strips and poker.

Double Up Pak - The double up pak is actually 2 paks in one, the back pak holds the pump and the front pak holds test supplies.  Measurements are 3 1/2  inches wide by 2 ½ inches high, thickness of the pak is about 2 inches.

Smart Pak - The smart pak will accommodate all pumps and a small testing monitor, poker and test strips.


Can I buy a pak without a belt:

At this time all paks are sold with a belt, additional belts may be purchased separately.


Can I have a pak adapted special:

Yes we are happy to accommodate special requests see specialty items page for specific information.