The information in this website is for general information only.  All medical advice or advice on treatment of any specific condition or problem should be referred to your doctor and medical team.

The opinions and recommendations found in these pages are simply recommendations and ideas that others have found helpful.  They should in no way be construed as medical advice and all questions pertaining to your own personal care should be brought to your medical team.

Our Products:

In purchasing our products it is understood that it is the "full" responsibility of the "user" to ensure that no kinking or bending of tubing occurrs at any time during the use of our products.  Remember to always contact your medical team with any health concerns.

Alert Bracelets:

Pump Wear Inc. is not responsible for medical treatment received or not received, based upon the reliance of information you have supplied, nor are we responsible for the use or misuse of the contents thereof.  By purchasing this Medical ID jewelry, buyer is fully aware of this Disclaimer, and holds harmless Pump Wear Inc. it's owner, employees, vendors and all associated with the manufacturing of medical alert jewelry.

WARNING - Children may choke on beads and small parts not recommended for children under the age of 5.