Insulin Pump Accessories

Sharing brings us great joy!

We are introducing a new page, "Come Share with us". This page contains "Gently Used Items" that others have available.

Here's how it works! If you have a "Gently" and we stress "Gently" used item that you would like to donate to someone in need please e-mail us the information and a picture, we will post that information on this page. When someone requests the item we will send you the Name and Address of where to ship.

We will Occassionally offer items that we receive that may have a slight defect etc.

Pump Wear Inc. is in no way responsible for the condition of these items. We are simply providing a means for people to exchange items that they no longer use.

E-mail us at [email protected] to make a submission.

It's truly a wonderful feeling to be able to help others!