Chris Ruden Powerlifter Over Coming Obstacles

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I was born with 2 fingers on my left hand and a shorter left arm. I was told I would never be able to do much with the way I was born but I learned early on that limitations are self imposed. I learned to play drums, practice martial arts, and eventually workout. Although it doesn't run in my family and I was actually underweight, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 19 (6 years ago). I was going to the bathroom 12x a day and always thirsty. I had no clue what was going on. I thought I might have a UTI but I was diagnosed with diabetes with a blood sugar of 530. That's when I decided to make fitness/health a career not just a hobby.

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When I became diabetic, I had a hard time adjusting to using needles and saw a lot of fluctuations. Until getting a pump, I was all over the place. The pump simplified my life a lot. Aside from the crazy low blood sugars at night that drove me to eat every carb in the house, I specifically remember trying to set the catheter in my stomach with the automatic setter and I forgot to dislodge it so I ripped the entire catheter out and bled everywhere. Pretty horrific for myself and my parents but I learned from it. Since I don't have the same function as most people with my left hand I often need help to set the insulin pump in but I'm lucky to have the support of people around. I found ways to adapt though and always manage to find a new spot. When you go back to using insulin needles it reminds you of how blessed we are to have the technology we do today


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I started powerlifting two years ago. I originally wanted to be a bodybuilder but found that I really liked getting stronger. I found a way to adapt to my "limitation" and eventually compete. I won my first competition and the next three after that. So far my best deadlift to date is 600lbs at 181lbs. Not bad for a diabetic with 7 fingers! My next competition is March 26th in Austin Texas. Then I have one in south Florida in October.


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