People In Diabetes Making A Difference

Our Featured Inspiration is Charles Mattocks a truly remarkable man with a mission to help people with diabetes.  If you haven't heard of him you will soon so check out why he is so special!

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Shire and Heal Together hit the road for diabetes

Shire and Heal Together have teamed up with TV Celebrity Chef, Charles Mattocks, widely known as “The Poor Chef,” he is about to hit the road for the second part of his hugely successful RV tour across America. There is one thing you will notice straight away when you meet Charles – his captivating charm, enthusiasm and buzzing passion for what is taking him on this mission – his desire to be the voice for a people so close to his heart – diabetics, pre-diabetics and those trapped in a ever decreasing circle of healthy options to manage a disease that has reached global proportions!

After first making his name on the Dr Oz Show by creating healthy yet affordable meals for under seven dollars, his passion for everyday good nutrition took the nation by storm, leading to appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Martha Stewart and CNN. Further, he has taken his passion to paper, penning a best-selling cook book, “Eat Cheap But Eat Well”, and more recently this year a wonderfully fun and educational book especially for children and parents, “Diabetes and Healthy Eating”, which helps take the scary part out of dealing with diabetes for our kids. But there’s so much more to this Chef – like his famous uncle, the late, great Bob Marley, Charles is a champion for social change, and amid his media success Charles was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2011. What seemed initially like a death sentence turned into a personal mission to not only save his life, but also save the lives of others who shared his diagnosis. His awareness of this growing problem was only heightened when he had discussions with friends such as rap star Shorty Low, who was hospitalized for diabetes twice. “Are you worried?” asked Charles, but, despite its seriousness, the disturbing answer was “no”. Concerned by this complacent attitude, Charles became increasingly emotionally connected with people and families whose lives were greatly impacted by a condition that seemed to easily spiral out of control – and these people were feeling trapped with no real solutions!

Spurred on by this, his mission has taken him across the world – with nutrition and pollution being global issues today, we see that some disease has no boundaries. Charles’ passion has seen him travel as far away as India and the Caribbean, and on these trips he has been motivated to make a film to educate and inspire diabetics around the world to make changes to their health by stressing good nutrition, lifestyle changes and raising “glutathione” to control inflammation. Charles has just returned from Jamaica where he has been filming with friends and family to be included in his upcoming reality TV Show “Reversed”, where we will follow people dealing with the stresses and struggles of these health challenges. This October will see Charles leaving Florida at the start of his second DiabetesTesting RV Tour, having teamed up with some great sponsors such as Shire and Heal Together, Great West Vans, Syntra 5 and Immunotec. Stops will include schools, hospitals and clinics where he and his team of professionals will answer questions about health and nutrition, discuss management options and also leave you with gift bags and maybe a bit more hope than you had at the start of the day – a big part of his message is that a diabetic does have options, and education is the key!

Not only to do the people of diabetes now have someone with a big heart and a generous spirit on their side, but also a great spokesperson for them in the medical and world arena with Charles representing the American Diabetes Association, a Blue Ribbon Champion for the International Diabetes Federation, the creator of the Charles Bar, a diabetic-friendly nutrition bar. We encourage you strongly to grab your kids, come down and meet Charles personally on his tour stops and learn how to protect yourselves and your children – let some of his enthusiasm and fun rub off on you!

The RV Tour has committed to testing 500,000 people within two years, offer education and hope to us and our children so that they can have a healthier tomorrow. His movie “The Diabetic You” which is in the closing stages of filming, is designed to grab your attention – it starts with a man with no teeth (later you see him being fitted with a beautiful new smile), but the point is made that if we do not educate ourselves about diet and nutrition, this can happen to us too!

The world of diabetes needs a superhero, and Charles is up for the challenge – we encourage you to support him has he makes his way across the country, and tour dates can be found at or