Amy Tenderich "Diabetes Mine"

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Amy has been doing wonderful things with Diabetes Mine for years and has been a true inspiration to our diabetes community, check her out!

Amy Tenderich launched after her diagnosis with type 1 diabetes in 2003. The blog has grown to be more than a publication; we are patient advocates, working to help improve the tools and care available to make life with diabetes better.

Beginning in 2008, the DiabetesMine Design Challenge made a significant contribution towards fostering better tools for patient care – raising public awareness and generating excitement among medical device and mobile health designers about new realms of possibility.

We now host the annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford University — bringing together informed patient advocates, device designers, pharma marketing and R&D executives, web visionaries, investors and other experts in innovation, regulatory, mobile health and more. The aim is to kick off a new era of collaboration, and assure that the actual users of these products (patients!) are central to the process.