Adam Lasher Musician, Song Writer & Contestant on American Idol

We love sharing the stories of Children and Adults that have been touched with diabetes and continue to inspire us! Adam Lasher a recent contestant of American Idol tells us his story and more !

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Adam, how old were you when you were diagnosed with diabetes?

I was 9 yrs old and in third Grade (May) .I Was getting really skinny and lethargic. My grandmother recognized it first because she didn't see me every day. She noticed the gradual weight loss. When I went to the Hospital after the Doctors I was actually relieved in my nine year old brain because I had a book report due in school that I never completed. It never really bummed me out though, going to the hospital I saw other kids who were way worse off than I was.

Can you tell me how you came to be on American Idol?

I ended up on American Idol because I auditioned out for the Voice in 2011. Over the years you see similar people working on different shows or projects, camera men, casting producers, etc Some one had refereed me that I had worked with before.

Can you tell me one story of how a low blood sugar affected you while performing and how you over came it (do you keep fast acting sugars near by?

I couldn't tell you one story of how a low blood sugar effected my life because there isn't one that sticks out. My whole life has been chasing highs lows, carb guessing and over correcting with insulin pens. Surprisingly though I have never passed out. While performing I will always have a water, a sprite, and a wine on stage or something to that nature. Having a low blood sugar can be a distraction especially when I am trying to be a band leader and call out changes for the music. But hey, thats life. I don't take time outs for blood sugars I just correct and keep doing what I'm Doing. now days i only go below 70 about 4% of the time. Having a Dexcom CGM and Afrezza ultra rapid Insulin inhalant (works in Ten -20 minuets) I don't spend \ time chasing and guessing my blood sugars any more. Which is great especially when trying to work at your job.

Do you have a family history of type 1 diabetes?

I had a grand father who was type 2 diabetic. I believe he got it when he was much older. I also had an older diabetic cousin who passed away from Alcoholism.

You are so talented in singing but can you tell us more about the songs that you have written?

I feel like I haven't written a song in while with the last two years of American Idol. I am just starting to jump back in as of a few a days ago. It feels good to be back in the creating writing mode again. I end up looking back on my songs and see that many times they are Love songs, or Ex Love songs (ha). These Shoes is about a telling of my life and journey to seeking Validation, recognition or Glory from the Universe and then realizing you don't need to chase it because you had it all along.

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5 things that people may (not?) know about you

 1. I have never used a pump and I only take one shot a day now. I use Afrezza, an ultra rapid insulin inhalant that Peaks in 10-20 Minuets.

2. I love researching and trying new technology have an electric skate board with regenerative braking that goes 20mph that I use for local errands constantly.

3. Huge fan of Parrots and birds. I've had the same one since I was 6 years old.

4. I have a big sense of humor and will find ways to laugh in even the worst situations.

5. I HATE pickles. They are gross. ew.

What are your immediate plans for the future?

Now that I am finished with American Idol I am currently booking events and performances in California and across the US. Also jumping into songwriting again for the first time in a while.

My album is a available for download These Shoes - EP by Adam Lasher

  1. For bookings and fan mail [email protected]

For bookings and fan mail
[email protected]