Diabetic Insulin Pump

Women's WorldWhen my husband and I were told that our daughter Nikki Tyler had Type 1 diabetes we were devastated and wanted to do what ever we could to help Nikki gain maximum control. Gaining control was our top priority along with bringing some type of normalcy back to our family. That's why when given the opportunity to put Nikki Tyler on an insulin pump; we jumped at the chance to gain better control.

After taking this important step and getting Nikki Tyler on the pump we quickly discovered that it was difficult to find places to hold her pump. We wanted something that was acceptable to a 3-year old and to us. That is why with the help and guidance of my best friend Dawn, we formed Pump Wear Inc. In a life where our children and families already have the stress and daily struggle with this illness, we felt it was important for them to enjoy wearing the pump. We hope by offering fashionable fun alternatives on how to wear the pump that the pumping experience will be a successful positive one. One day Nikki Tyler came home and told me that her girlfriend wanted a pump case just like her's! Nikki Tyler was so proud and so was I. She has gained such better control and the pump has offered us a freedom we thought we had lost forever.

Wall Street JournalSince starting our company my 2 son's were also diagnosed. Adam was diagnosed at the age of 13 with Type 1 diabetes, four months later our son Patrick age 10 was also diagnosised with Type 1 diabetes. Both boys started pumping immediately, making the transition for them a lot easier.

I am happy to report that Nikki Tyler now 8 years old, Adam now 17 and Patrick now 14 are all doing well. We don't let diabetes get in the way of them living happy fun lives we just work around the numbers.

We Hope that you and your loved ones will enjoy our products as much as Nikki, Adam and Patrick do. Please know that we continue to strive for fun creative ways to wear the insulin pump. Making pumping a positive fun experience.