Diabetes Insulin Pump Products

All In One Pak -   All in one paks were developed to carry the Cozmore with meter, poker and test strips.  This pak will also hold the Omni pod PDM and the Continuous glucose meter along with the Dexcom.

Double Zipper Pump Pak -  Double zipper paks have a dual zipper that allows the user to open the pak from either direction.

Double Up Pump Pak -Double Up paks are actually 2 paks in one, front holds small test meter poker and test strips, back pak holds pump.  This pak is great for people using the continuous glucose meter also.  The PDM for omni pod will fit but snug.

Velcro Pump Pak - Opens and seals with Velcro, once a child hits school age 3rd grade they often will not want a Velcro pak because of the noise it makes in school when they are opening it.  Velcro paks will hold all pumps and the Cozmo without meter.

Smart Pak - Smart paks are about 1 inch bigger than a pump pak, they have elastic inside that holds a poker and test strips.  Works well with the Cozmo with meter.  Also a great pak for the Omni pod PDM , the continuous glucose meter and the dexcom meter.

Splash Pak- These are "water Resistant"Â┬Ł they dry out really fast, water will bead up on them versus soaking into the pak.  We can not call them water proof because of the zipper and stitching .  Do not submerge in water unless you have a waterproof pump.

Cases To Go -  Have an inside cushion that is removable, perfect for a PDM, or childs test kit, small snack and drink box.  Small enough to fit nicely in book bags.

Slip Clip -  Slip clips clip on to the top of pants no belt needed.