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Wearing an Insulin Pump can be Creative, Fun,and Less Worry for Parents! Diabetes Insulin Pumps

Nikki TylerWhen my 2 1/2 year old daughter was diagnoised with Type 1 diabetes, I really wanted to have her getting the best diabetes care and the best option at the time was putting a then 3 year old on an insulin pump.  I quickly discovered that an insuin pump and a 3 year old created many problems in how to wear the insulin pump, how to sleep with the insulin pump and basically how to manage living day to day with this device on our beautiful daughter.  That's when my best Friend Dawn and I decided that we could make a difference not only in Nikki's life but the lives of other families sturggling with this challenge.  In designing PUMP WEAR products, our goal is to allow "Kids to be Kids" and let Adults have fun. Wearing an insulin pump shouldn't take the fun out of being a kid or being an adult. All of our products are designed to give kids and adults the freedom, comfort, flexibility and fun they thrive on. Nikki is now 20 years old and we actively helping us here at Pump Wear.

Our line encompasses all ages. A full line of diabetes awareness and support items, also help us spread the word for a cure.

Nikki TodayPump Wear Mission Statement:

Pump Wear Inc. is committed to offering a growing line of items specifically made with children and adults in mind. Insulin cases that grow with you and a insulin pump clothing line that affords you the comfort you deserve. Pump Wear Inc. "Where Kids are Kids" and "Adults just have fun". Through our line of diabetes insulin pump clothing we have developed a full line of insulin pump shirts, insulin pump pump bands, t-shirts, insulin pump pj's and clothing that make you feel good!

Children and adults who wear an insulin pump run into many obstacles when trying to find ways to wear their insulin pumps. Where do I wear my insulin pump for sleeping? How do I play sports with an insulin pump? What do I do with my insulin pump if I want to wear a dress. Sleeping with an insulin pump can also be challenging.  These are just a few of the many questions that come up with new insulin pumpers and experienced insulin pumpers.  We hope that here at Pump Wear you will find a large variety of insulin pump accessories along with many many beautiful Diabetes Awareness items along with a new line of diabetes medical alert bracelets.

2 years after Nikki's diagnoised our then 14 and 11 year old sons were also diagnoised with Type 1 Diabetes, they were diagnoised 4 months apart.



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